On Saturday the 30th of November 2019, Nineteen days shy of five years, Drift Dining and Bar the place we have called home for so long, closed for the last time.  We desperately wanted to share one more Christmas with you but that is no longer possible and we are so so sorry.


This has been a challenging year for the Drift family but I can say with the utmost pride that our staff, were unwavering in their commitment to this dream. Despite their personal challenges they fought for the survival of Drift with a dignity and passion that is inspiring. Without them the wonderful times so many of you have had at Drift would never have been possible. 


In the five years since we opened the doors we have served over 100,000 people, had over fifty media write ups,  and reached number one in Malaysia on Tripadvisor. So to all who have supported us and helped us by spreading the word, coming back and becoming part of the Drift and Privi family i, and the Drift Team, would like to thank you.


The Definition of Drift is “a slow continuous movement between one place and the next” 


Thank you for Drifting with us for so long. 


“Amazing Things with Amazing People.” Robert Gilliland




Robert Gilliland

Managing Director

Drift Hospitality Sdn Bhd